Vacationing is the most awaited moment by everyone, in general, a vacation is done at least once a year by visiting other cities and countries. When vacationing is the first need to be prepared, after that the place to be visited by finding a place to stay, the place or restaurant to be visited and what food can be consumed while we are on vacation. Maybe for those of you who don’t have special needs, you don’t need to worry about food, but for those who have different consumption like vegetarians should really think about this.

Because finding vegetarian restaurants in some countries is sometimes a little difficult, especially not all fine vegetarian restaurants serve vegetarian food that has high flavor and gluten-free like the best vegetarian restaurants in Jimbaran. But if you have prepared your needs and feel everything is according to plan, now choose which country you will visit. There are many countries that you must visit because it has the beauty and culture that you must see and learn like some of the countries below.


Each country has its own charm, waiting for you to visit and see. But some cities in some of the countries below might be the right place for you to visit with family, friends, lovers or yourself. In addition to the beauty of the places and cities in this country, they also have a culture and food that is a shame if you don’t see and taste it.

1. Venice - Italia

Want to visit a romantic and beautiful place for your honeymoon or vacation? Italy can be the right country to visit. The city of Venice is a romantic city with interesting classic buildings. You can enjoy the city and see the beauty of the classic buildings by going along the river using a boat with your partner. In addition to enjoying the beauty of the city of Venice by driving a boat on the river Grand Canal, Venice has a must-taste culinary that is widely sold in various places around the city. Baccalà Mantecato, a dish made from stockfish you can only find in Venice, Italy. With a high taste on crispy bread, it can make a romantic and family vacation feel more beautiful.

2. Las Vegas, U.S.

Ready to have fun and party with friends on vacation moments? Enjoy the biggest casino city and club in the world, Las Vegas. The city is a place for millionaires and young people to enjoy time and have fun, there are various luxurious places you can visit and the streets are filled with lights. You can enjoy a copy of historic buildings in several countries in the city of Las Vegas, built very similar to make you able to see historical buildings without visiting the country. Around Las Vegas at night by enjoying Chicken Finger with your friends, under the city lights is a moment that you will never forget.


3. Bali, Indonesia

Enjoy the beauty of the tropical island while on vacation with friends, family, and honeymoon, it seems exotic islands that are rich in the culture and beauty of this beach can be your choice. Having hundreds of temples with unique and charming carvings coupled with the beauty of the hills and the charming blue sea will make you feel you don’t want to go home and just enjoy it on a daily basis. Jimbaran is an area that has many white sandy beaches with towering hills, besides the beauty of its nature this area is also famous for the world’s finest places for lunch and dinner. Especially for those of you who are vegetarians, ceviche is a high-flavored vegetarian dish that is popular in this best restaurant in Jimbaran.


4. Giza Necropolis, Egypt

Visiting a country that has a long history and enchanting desert, Giza Necropolis is a city filled with one of the oldest and most historic buildings in the world, the pyramid. Enjoying the beauty of historical temples and pyramids, riding camels with lovers and friends is a moment that must be enshrined in the photo to remember how happy it was at that time. Egypt is not only famous for the pyramids and history of the queen of Cleopatra, but also with the Eish ballads of pita bread that can be filled with vegetables, meat and fish that will satisfy your hungry stomach. After a day enjoying the beauty of the pyramid by riding camels, and enjoying the delights of Eish ballads with some meat and vegetables will complete your experience while visiting Egypt.


Some of the above countries will provide new experiences about vacationing for you, your friends and family, besides some foods and places above these countries also still have various places and foods that you should try and visit. Hopefully, the place in this article can be taken into consideration for your visit now and later, hopefully, your vacation this time can be a happier moment than before, a happy vacation.

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