Green beans are a highly nutritious food source. These beans can be processed into a variety of delicious foods such as ice green beans, green bean porridge, pudding, etc. Green beans are one type of plant that can be used to replace rice consumption. This plant is also known as green gram, mung bean, golden gram, and Vigna radiate as its free scientific name. Green beans are commonly found and produced in China, India, Southeast Asia, and South America. What are the benefits of green beans on our bodies? This article tells about the essential benefits of green beans according to some chefs of the Top 10 Restaurant in Bali as it was quoted in Tribune Bali News.

The benefits of green beans;

1. Maintaining Heart Health

The heart is a vital organ, it must be maintained with a healthy lifestyle by consuming nutritious foods. The fiber content in green beans can absorb fat and prevent plaque in blood vessels. This plaque can trigger heart disease and stroke. Green beans contain flavonoids which are anti-inflammatory polyphenol antioxidants that prevent blood clots in arteries and veins.


2. Good for pregnant women

Pregnant women are highly recommended to consume green beans. A study found that Santa green beans are good for cell growth, so the fetus that is conceived will have thick hair. In addition, green beans also contain vitamins B1, B2, folic acid, calcium, phosphorus, unsaturated fats and proteins which are all needed for pregnant women.


3. Treating anemia

If you have a history of anemia, you should consume lots of green beans. These beans have the iron that is high enough to be able to treat anemia or lack of blood.


4. Lose Weight

For those of you who want to diet, you can consume green beans. Green beans contain very high fiber and are also low in fat. Mung bean can be your healthy snack on a diet. The fiber content can provide a longer feeling of satiety and fewer calories. With the consumption of green beans, your digestion is also healthy and smooth.


5. Lowers bad cholesterol and blood pressure

The benefits of green beans that can be obtained are to reduce bad cholesterol levels. In addition, because green beans contain high fiber, green beans are also useful for maintaining intestinal function, facilitating the digestive process, and lowering blood pressure. In 100 grams of green beans, there are at least 347 kilocalories and 1.15 grams of fat. With relatively low-fat content, regular consumption of green beans can help cholesterol sufferers to naturally reduce cholesterol levels in the body.


6. Maintain the immune system

Green beans have a protein content of 3.16 grams per cup. The high protein content makes green beans one of the alternative foods for those who don’t like to eat meat. In addition, the fat and bad cholesterol in green beans are much lower than meat. Protein is very important in maintaining the immune system and supporting the existence of every cell of the body, lack of protein can cause hair loss, kwashiorkor disease, and hunger edema.




7. Prevent Cancer

Green beans have high amounts of polyphenols and oligosaccharides which help prevent the development of cancer cells. Clinical studies also show that green beans have anti-tumor properties that can prevent DNA damage and harmful cell mutations that cause cancer. Research conducted by the College of Food Science and Nutritional Engineering at China Agricultural University reports that antioxidants found in green beans have the ability to counteract free radicals. Flavonoids such as vitexin and isovitexin contained in green beans can reduce oxidative stress which causes the formation of cancer cells.

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