Asian countries are not merely known for their diverse cultures but also for the remarkable dishes that are rich in taste. Spices are the main focus of the Asian dishes that make them very popular and spread all over the world. The strong flavor is what makes Asian dishes stand out among the other delicacies in the world since Asian countries are rich in various kinds of spices like garlic, ginger, chilies, and so on. As Asian cuisines are very popular, you can easily find Asian dishes in many best restaurants in the world, especially in Jimbaran Bali, that offers delicious Asian dishes.

Each country in Asia has its own distinctive dishes with different main ingredients as affected by the difference in cultures, yet, has a similarity: delicious strong flavor. Besides the diverse ingredients, Asian dishes are also diverse in the cooking method but steaming, stir-frying, and deep-frying are the most common cooking methods in making Asian cuisines. After all, the remarkable taste of Asian dishes will make you want to taste them again and again. Here are some of the popular Asian dishes in the world that you should try.


1. Peking Duck

When you go to Beijing, eating Peking Duck is one of the important activities that you should do. This iconic dish from Beijing cannot be separated from China’s history. This tender and the delicious roasted duck was originated from the kitchens of the palace and as time passed this legendary food is now served in many restaurants around Beijing. As this delicious dish become popular, now you can find Peking Duck served in various fine places to eat all over the world. The tender meat with the crispy skin with cucumbers, sliced spring onions, and hoisin sauce will be a perfect dinner.

2. Beef Bulgogi

Bulgogi is one of the most popular Korean dishes that can easily be found all over South Korea. South Korea has a wide range of popular foods such as Kimchi, Tteok-bokki, Gimbap, Jajangmyeon, and so on, that are loved by many people. As the popularity of Korean dishes is increased, you can find many restaurants that offer Korean dishes in almost every country in the world. This Korean traditional food consists of marinated thin slices of beef cooked with Korean pear marinade and vegetables in a pan. Years ago, Bulgogi was only eaten for a special celebration event but now it is eaten as a common meal.


3. Sushi

When talking about the popular Japanese cuisine, Sushi will be the most significant dish to be mentioned. Sushi is the word that will come to mind when discussing which Japanese dishes should be eaten when coming to this country. This fairly simple dish consists of rice and fermented fish has been recognized by people around the world and today it’s widely served in many restaurants in the world. Sushi recipes are evolving and today you can find many kinds of sushi menus with different ingredients that will become a wonderful dining experience. This dish is also served in restaurants that offer vegetarian foods as vegan sushi begin to exist.


4. Rendang

It would not be a surprise if Rendang is on the list of Asian Cuisines that you should try. Rendang is one of the world’s most favorite food that is originated from Indonesia. Indonesia is rich with various tasty cuisines that favored by many people in the world. Rendang is the heavenly meat dish that you should try when you come to Indonesia, especially Sumatra. This delicious meat dish eaten with hot rice will be a perfect lunch or dinner. The scrumptious taste makes this food become popular along with the famous Nasi Goreng, Indonesian famous fried rice. When you want to try Asian cuisines, Rendang should be on your list!


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