Throughout history, vegetarian advocates have discussed their hatred of meat by causing various moral and spiritual debates. Some ancient authors such as Ovid and Plutarch deplored purchases which were not ideal for food. Plutarch said: “I think this really is surprising, what causes humans to actually want carcass meat or any motive can have a connection between healthy animal fleshes for them. “ The Greek thinker Pythagoras, who lived at the end of the 6th century BC agreed that by collecting animal flesh, humans would become contaminated and become liars. That is why, until the mid-19th century, vegetarians were known as Pythagoras


The ancestors in our hominids have grown more than 24 million years and based on Spencer, for almost 2. 5 million years almost all of them were vegetarians except for a few bugs and caterpillars. Whereas Cro-Manon, the original ancestor of humans, tried to make it through. Cro-Manon lived in temperate climates and processed food from plants and vegetables, while Neanderthals living in cold Northern Europe was forced to live on meat.




The first the prominent vegetarian figure was obviously a Greek thinker named Pythagoras who lived in the late 6th century BC absolute includes the command to not kill living creatures, abstaining from the screams of bloodshed from animal sacrifice and not eating meat.

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During the reign of the Renaissance in Europe, eating meats became a symbol of wealth and power. Just Christian nuns abstained, wishing to become more united with God. Since the 17th century at the time of the birth of radical ideas, vegetarianism developed rapidly in England. Religious groups that avoid eating meat started to grow. Moral objections started to emerge from people who opposed the exploitation of animals, “Seeing the treatment of wildlife, the human right to eliminate wild creatures that are not feared must be questioned” (Keith Thomas, Man, and The Natural World).


Thomas Tryon was a prominent vegetarian figure in the early 17th century. His writings and teachings advocated vegetarian food and refused to swallow animal flesh which became a good friend. Tryon had a strong influence on the Quakers (a Christian group which was anti-war and anti-oath) and Benjamin Franklin was very impressed with one of Tryon’s books, The Way to Health. In the early 18th century we found an author and food expert Dr. William Lambe who strongly suggested vegetarian food for his patients as a method of treating cancer. In the late 18th century the sense of humanity increased and the principle of animal protection begins to get stronger. Today vegetarians have very strong reasons for developing including the view that meat food is bad for health, very cruel, unnatural, and increases the waste of land compared to if it is intended for agriculture.


5. From Diet plan Pythagoras to Vegetarian

The Pythagoras diet officially transformed its name to vegetarian in 1874 at a gathering in Ramsgate, a seaside town of England. From this meeting, the Vegetarian Society was born, and the next branch was set up in Manchester and London. One of its first members was Dorge Dornbusch who ate all food meat without salt and spices was an aphrodisiac and just as bad as alcohol. This makes vegetarian food tasteless. At the moment vegetarians are equated with moral sincerity, doing good things and moral honesty.



During the First World War, vegetarianism and peace-loving experienced a bitter attack from an association which saw that rejecting war meant unfaithfulness. As many as 70 people who balked at vegetarianism died in jail due to ill-treatment and inability to adapt to food in prison. The meal that given in jail is vegetarian food. Moreover, in this century, vegetarians continued their struggle to convey their messages. In 1945 the Toronto Vegetarian as Sodiation was established in Canada and this corporation flourished for 50 years. History shows vegetarians experiencing ups and downs.


Based on research done by the Vegetarian Food Bali community, vegetarians are healthier, long life, and even younger. They also avoid heart disease. Other studies have also shown that fiber in vegetables and fresh fruit is very useful for health which has lead in the popularity of vegetarianism in the world.

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